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monticello stabbing

Latest: 4:50 pm, 3/7/17, Tuesday 

MONTICELLO — The town has its share of fights, but they don’t usually end up with a stabbing.

A 25-year old man is hospitalized after being stabbed at a motel after midnight. Police arrested 21-year old David Gogitidze at the Foster Inn. They say it happened during an argument in one of the rooms.

The men are coworkers. The police chief says they work for a moving company in Indiana and were in town for a job. He says alcohol was involved.

“I could see the lights over here at the motel, but couldn’t actually tell what was happening.”

Bob Elson says he didn’t think much of what he saw. He says he was surprised to find out someone was stabbed in town, let alone in the motel next to his neighborhood.

“The people are real friendly. You have a lot of your construction workers and so on in town that stay here.”

This time it was five men from an Indiana moving company.

Police Chief John Carter says they went to the bowling alley across the parking lot. He says Gogitidze and his supervisor, Jonibek Tulagonov, started arguing on the way back to the motel.

“Tulagonov tells Gogitidze, ‘You’re done with the company.’ He’s the supervisor. He said, ‘Pack your stuff and go.’ At that point, eh grabbed his backpack, found a knife in the backpack and stabbed Tulagonov.”

The chief says the victim was stabbed three times, leaving two minor stab wounds and a punctured lung, while leaving neighbors to wonder.

“Did the police catch him?”

Carter says the suspect was at the motel when police arrived. He says officers noticed blood on his face, the result of the victim fighting back.

After questioning him and three coworkers, police arrested Gogitidze.

“Occasionally we get something like this that happens, but not usually, so it’s very unusual for us.”

Chief Carter says he and three of his officers have been doing additional training recently. He says, coincidentally, one thing they went over Monday was how to deal with a punctured lung.

The chief says this is the first stabbing he’s dealt with in town. Gogitidze is in jail for aggravated battery, but the charge could be bumped up to attempted murder. 

Update: 12:00 pm, 3/7/17, Tuesday

MONTICELLO — One man is hospitalized after a stabbing. It happened just after midnight Tuesday, at Fosters Inn, on North Market.

Police found 25-year old Jonibek Tulaganov, of Indianapolis, in the doorway of a motel room with multiple injuries, including a punctured lung. He was taken to the hospital.

Witnesses say 21-year old David Gogitdze, from Fishers, Indiana, stabbed the victim three times.

Authorities are still investigating. 

Original: 9:00 am, 3/7/17, Tuesday

MONTICELLO — One man is in the hospital after an early morning stabbing.

Officers found a 25-year old man in the doorway of a motel room.  

The Indianapolis man was transported to the hospital for injuries, including a punctured lung. Witnesses say a 21-year old from Fishers, Indiana, stabbed him three times.

The Piatt County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating.

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