KANSAS, Ill. (WCIA) — The quality of water in Kansas was concerning to some who lived in town. So, WCIA looked into what was being done to address those concerns.

Kansas Village President Ross Carrell said the village is seeing infrastructure issues, which is affecting water quality. “It’s nothing new,” said Carrell, who stated he–and others– have been buying water to make things like tea and coffee. He continued to say water discoloration started last summer and there were issues before then but not as pronounced. Now it is evident they are going to have to replace lots of pipes. However, that requires a lot of money.

Carrell said they have applied for grants to fix this issue. Now, they are waiting for the government to give them the necessary money.

Until they get the funding, Carrell stated the water is safe and they are continuing to work with the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure its continued safety. They are following recommendations of flushing filters more frequently as well as testing the water more often. Right now, the test results are coming back as fine, according to Carrell.