Office of the Architect votes to remove Douglas statue; move MLK statue


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Illinois State Architect voted unanimously to remove the Stephen Douglas Statue from the Capitol Grounds, and to move the Martin Luther King Jr. Statue to a more prominent place on the grounds.

The meeting came weeks after House Speaker Michael Madigan called for the removal of the statue, as well as the removal of a portrait of Douglas in the House chamber.

The State Architect did not set a hard deadline for when the statue would be removed, instead saying it would happen sometime over the next couple of months. There is no plan to replace the Douglas statue with another. Instead, the entire pedestal will be removed.

Madigan called for the removal of the statue after learning about Douglas’s history as a slave owner, and the former U.S. Senator’s “abhorrent” words to people of color.

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