OAKWOOD, Ill. (WCIA) — “She’s an individual who is always giving back to the community, she’s always volunteering, and she really has a heart for the community,” Ruey Sandusky, an Oakwood resident said.

Oakwood Mayor Heather McArty has officially resigned.

In a letter, she wrote she “reached her tolerance for the quarrelsome nature and the personal political motives of current trustees and former mayors.”

Ruey Sandusky is from Oakwood, and she says this move is concerning.

“You would expect there to not be enough issues in a town as small as ours that there would be anything that would come about to happen,” Sandusky said.

WCIA spoke with an employee at the Village Council building who says Trustee Bob Parr declined to comment.

Another Trustee, Doit Roberts, confirmed members received the mayor’s resignation letter at Monday’s meeting.

He said there will be meeting next week to discuss filling the position.

Sandusky says McArty’s decision to step away must have carried a lot of weight.

“Heather’s the type of person that doesn’t give up easily so it must have been pretty bad if she was willing to resign because I know she was really excited to see what she could do for Oakwood,” Sandusky said.

She believes a lot of her fellow neighbors will be sad to see McArty leave, but she says the village has to regroup.

WCIA reached out to Heather McArty several times but we have not heard back.