DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Nutrition company ADM announced on Wednesday that it will be expanding its footprint and production of alternate protein in Decatur through a $300 million investment.

As part of its expansion, ADM will open a new, state-of-the-art Protein Innovation Center in Decatur.

ADM said the construction of the Protein Innovation Center will enhance the company’s ability to work with customers to develop solutions to meet their needs. Increasing production of alternate proteins will strengthen the company’s ability to to meet growing global demand.

“The global trends of food security and sustainability are driving structural changes in the food industry, including strong growth in alternative proteins, and we’re investing to ensure ADM remains a leader in this vast and exciting space,” said Leticia Gonçalves, ADM’s president of Global Foods. “Our sales in this space have been growing at rates much faster than the industry’s, and our work to expand our leadership position with new innovation and capacity is an important driver of future growth for our Nutrition business. We’re proud to continue to invest and innovate, delivering on our strategy, supporting global food security and advancing sustainability for our customers and our future.”

ADM’s expansion is expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2025.