Not everyone happy w/increase in voter numbers

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Thanks to the state’s new automatic voter registration system, in just five months, the number of people registered to vote in the state has increased by more than 187,000.

While some are applauding the jump, others argue the number should be higher. One group in Chicago continues accusing the Secretary of State’s office of not fully enforcing the law.

The SOS office denies this. A spokesperson says, since the law went into effect, they’re seeing a big uptick in the number of people registering and they expect the number to grow as the state switches over to a new ID system.

The issue some groups have is they don’t believe the system is automatic enough. Right now, if you go to the SOS office, you’ll still have to check a box stating you’d like to be registered to vote.

A spokesperson says that’s to avoid voter fraud. People must opt in so non-U.S. citizens aren’t put into the system. He says 187,000 is still a huge uptick.

The office says that’s because everything is processed on a computer; meaning it’s faster and there’s no paperwork. Come next year, numbers registration will likely continue to go up.

The state will begin changing the identification card system. To get a new version, you’ll need to show your birth certificate. By doing so, you’ll be automatically registered, no check box necessary.

Illinois was the tenth state to launch automatic voter registration. Since then, three more states have followed suit.

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