No charges in homicide


Update: 10:00 pm, 3/9/17, Thursday 

BUCKLEY — The case of how a man died outside a bar could be closed.

No criminal charges will be filed in the death of Daniel Connolly after review by investigators and the Iroquois County State’s Attorney.

“We’ve been here what, 125-140 years and nothing like that ever happened.”

Until a man died outside the Dutchmaster Bar, Christmas Night.

“Due to the fact the kid wasn’t from town, he was from up by Chicago, nobody knew him and he was down here visiting his brother.” 

25-year old Daniel Connolly was one of many in a fight that night. He was visiting his family for the holiday.

The fight led to Connolly’s death. Records show he was held down by two other men and died from asphyxiation.

“We don’t talk about it no more. It was just that one weekend.” 

People, like Ardell Goetting, say it’s no longer the talk of town but investigators have continued to look into the case.

“Sorry it ended up with somebody dying.” 

First, a cause of death wasn’t able to be determined. Then, an inquest ruled it a homicide, but, after further review, the Iroquois County State’s Attorney says no charges will be filed.

“To me it was case over.” 

Goetting has called Buckley home for as long as he can remember. He says it’s a tragedy but there’s not much that can be done to change it.

“It happened. It’s over with.”

The state’s attorney says the case is not closed. It’s been reviewed, but if credible evidence is brought forward it could be a different story. He will continue to look into things. 

Original: 4:20 pm, 3/9/17, Thursday

IROQUOIS COUNTY — No criminal charges will be filed, at this time, for the death of 25-year old Daniel Connolly on Christmas night, in Buckley.

Investigators say he was held down by two people during a fist fight outside Dutchmaster Bar.

A coroner’s inquest, in February, ruled the death a homicide.

The state’s attorney says the case is not closed. He’ll continue to review the case if credible evidence is brought forward.

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