No charges against officer who shot inmate at courthouse


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The Vermillion County State’s Attorney will not press charges against a Danville police officer who shot an inmate at the courthouse in late August. 

In a press release Friday, State’s Attorney Jacqueline Lacy said Deputy Kyle Janesky’s use of “deadly force” against inmate Daryl Perkins was justified following an investigation of the incident, the entirety of which was caught on courthouse security camera video. 

According to the release, Janesky granted Perkins, 55, a bathroom break around 10 a.m. while at the courthouse on August 23, where Perkins was to appear for felony charges. 

Once Perkins was presumably finished with the break, Janesky opened the bathroom door and Perkins stabbed him with “several Bic pens.” 

Both men fell on the floor, and Perkins reached for Janesky’s gun, according to the release. 

A struggle ensued for “over 70 seconds,” and both men fought for control of the deputy’s multi-tool, which Perkins had grabbed, then used to stab Janesky in the “face and neck area.” 

At one point, Perkins grabbed Janesky’s taser, and attempted to fire it at the officer. 

“Janesky then unholsters and fires his service weapon at Perkins,” the release states. 

Perkins was shot four times. 

Following the shots, other Danville officers arrived on the scene, and some attempted to do chest compressions on Perkins, who had been shot front to back on both sides of his chest, in the mid-abdomen area and right hand, according to the release. 

An ambulance arrived to transport Perkins to OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center in Danville, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival to the emergency room at 10:34 a.m.  

Janesky was also transported to the same hospital after suffering “stab wounds to the eye, face and neck” as well as “defensive wounds to his hands,” according to the release. 

“Based on the totality of the circumstances, deadly force was justified,” the release states. “Under Illinois law…Deputy Kyle Janesky was justified in the use of deadly force based upon a reasonable belief that it was necessary  to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or other deputies, courthouse employees, and the public.” 

The investigation is now closed, and no charges will be filed against Janesky, according to the release.

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