New Year’s resolutions look different for gyms during pandemic


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The beginning of January is usually a busy time for gyms. The new year means many are ready to start working on their new years resolution, but during a pandemic, the gym rush looks a bit different.

Local gyms like Luyando’s Boxing and Fitness has felt the effects of COVID-19.

“It was pretty tough. It’s still going pretty tough right now. We know COVID is hindering our numbers, but in boxing terms, we’re just rolling with the punches.” says Owner Nathan Luyando.

He says each January, they get new members trying to accomplish their resolutions.

“That was always something that we look forward to, as the year came even at our old spot, is people coming in saying that they have a fitness journey.”

For those nervous about going to the gym, Luyando’s is doing their best to keep member’s safe.
Equipment is wiped down after each use and masks must be worn around the gym if not social distancing.

“The gym’s goal is definitely to just build off of what we kept building over the past 25 years,” says Luyando. “We just want to keep trying to bring the community something that they need.”

And for over 2 decades, that need for fitness has not let up. They have had over 15 new members join within the last couple days.

Member Kofi Bazzel-Smith has been going to the gym for over 10 years. He says he doesn’t have any resolutions.

“When you’re trying to work on like motivating yourself and getting better, it’s like an all year round thing.”

But for those new to the fitness world, Bazzel-Smith says the first step is to commit.

“I didn’t know anything when I walked in. If you start something now, 10 years later – you’ll be an expert at it.”

The first class is always free with coaches that will help and guide you.

“A family just pushing each other to strive to be be better than they were the day before,” says Luyando.

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