HOMER, Ill. (WCIA) — A new species has been found for the first time in Champaign County.

The Northern Leopard Frog can now be seen in the wetland area of Homer Lake. They are native Illinois frogs and can be hard to spot.

Officials with the forest preserve say they don’t know where the frogs came from or how they got there, but this is an exciting find.

“We have a group of volunteers that are called our frog call survey volunteers and they survey frogs throughout the Champaign County Forest Preserve and records the species,” says Assistant Director of the Museum and Education Department Pam Leiter. “They’re listening to the hearing calls. And as we collect this data, it becomes very important data for long range trends in wildlife diversity and where the frogs are or what might be impacting them.”

If you want to see one for yourself, it has dark spots on the frog’s back. They normally ‘call’ underwater as well.