New program to help patients with sickle cell anemia


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)—There’s a new program to help patients get the blood donations they need. It’s called the Red4Life Sickle Cell Program.

Impact Life started it to help people with sickle cell anemia. People with the disorder rely on red blood cells and need donors with blood that has specific characteristics to give. “And then we need to reach back out to those donors. Tell them what’s special about their blood and encourage them to become regular routine donors in the Red4Life Program,” said Kirby Winn, Impact Life Public Relations Manager.

Impact Life says, “Although blood type or compatibility is not generally based on race, select rare blood types that are more generally found in African-American donors are needed to support patients with sickle cell disease. Nationally, the number of African-Americans who need blood transfusions exceeds the number of African-Americans who donate blood. Regular blood donations by African-Americans will support individuals with Sickle Cell Disease in our community.”

They are hoping more groups will have mobile blood drives, so they can locate donors who can make a difference.

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