URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — A new art installation was installed last in Urbana last Friday at King Park, welcoming people with a message of peace in the form of a peace pole.

The project’s theme is “Peace Prevailing Within Our Community,” and it also honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Urbana Park District said the pole was placed in King Park because its purpose matches MLK’s message and legacy.

They worked with the Urbana Rotary Club to find two local artists to collaborate on the piece. Ja Nelle Davenport-Pleasure, who created the peace pole with Lisa Kesler, said this was the perfect project for her.

“It’s bringing together people to kind of just let them know that in a world that’s crazy and obnoxious, to have some piece of art or some things, some kind of monument, to bring us all together,” she said, “to just think about being grateful for where we are and being peaceful — I’m all about it.”

Davenport-Pleasure said she used recyclables from her own home to make the sculpture, including the phoenix sitting on top.