SAVOY, Ill. (WCIA) — Savoy’s First Street Shared Use Path is officially in use.

The mile-long, concrete path stretches along First Street between Curtis and Windsor Road. It connects Savoy to the University of Illinois campus.

Solar-powered, LED lights line the path. It features pedestrian, bicycle and ADA accommodations to make sure the path is accessible for all.

“This is a project that you can point to and, with confidence, say that it will save a life,” Village President John Brown said.

State Senator Dick Durbin explained that the safety of walking and biking along First Street has concerned the University for a long time. The Village of Savoy completed the construction with $1.2 million dollars in Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program and Rebuild Illinois funding.

“This path will make it easier for students and employees living in Savoy to get to UIUC,” Durbin said. “The First Street Shared Use Path project is a great example of federal funding at work.”

State Senator Scott Bennett added that the First Street Shared Use Path allows multimodal transportation between Savoy and Illinois campus and reduces transportation risks.

“The First Street Shared Use Path project provides much-needed improvements,” Bennett said. “It brings our community closer to full non-motorized connectivity between Savoy, Champaign and the UIUC campus, and I’m thrilled to see this much-needed, requested project come to completion.”

The Village held the ribbon-cutting ceremony on the path on October 7. Some attendees arrived by bicycle using the path.

Marguerite Bailey spoke on behalf of Representative Mike Marron, saying that the First Street Shared Use Path is a successful example of local government collaborating with other agencies.

“This infrastructure contributes to the health and safety of its residents,” Baily said. “This is what “Rebuilding Illinois” looks like.”