PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A new law could make it easier for un-insured patients to get expensive medication.

People and institutions can now donate unused medication to approved locations, including pharmacies. Not all medication will be accepted.

Andy Hudson, with Hudson Drug Store in Paxton, said the regulations have not been set up yet. However, he thinks it will still need to be in its manufactured wrapping.

Hudson said he thinks this will be a big benefit for the community.

“We’re astounded by how much–like mail-order medication people get a three-month supply for like $1,500 sometimes– and through this new program instead of throwing it away or incinerating it, we can put it back into the system to save money for people who could otherwise afford the medication,” said Hudson.

He said he is not sure when the new law will roll out. But he said the pandemic has certainly made him aware of how many people across the area are uninsured–and he thinks this law will be beneficial.