SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — People with HIV with have a new medication available to them next year.

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced last week they are adding Cabenuva to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. The program, funded by federal Ryan White CARE Act program, state general revenue funds and drug rebate dollars, helps Illinoisans pay for their medications.

“This new medication is highly effective and provides patients and providers an important new tool to improve the health of Illinoisians living with HIV,” IDPH Director Dr. Sameer Vohra said.

Unlike many other treatments, Cabenuva is an injectable medication administered once a month or every other month. Current treatments are all daily pills. Health officials say that makes it easier to use than current medicines they offer.

“Illinois is stepping up and making it possible for thousands of Illinoisans to benefit from this new treatment that is highly effective and easier to use than traditional medications,” Governor Pritzker said.

Approximately 36,000 Illinoisans currently live with HIV.

Illinois has a public policy plan called Getting to Zero Illinois that hopes to end HIV transmission in the state by 2030. To learn more, you can visit the initiative’s website.