GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — Nearly a year after Bayern Stube closed, a new restaurant is stepping in to take its place. The Horsch Radish is bringing German cuisine back to Gibson City, and it opened on Thursday in the former Bayern Stube building.

Co-owners Sam Horsch and Matthew Ertel have been extra busy preparing in the last few months.

“Starting in April, so in about four months, we went from a thought to opening day,” Ertel said. “So it’s been a push.”

They’ve been making memories along the way.

“We started off doing interviews at my house because we didn’t have a place, a restaurant to interview people in while we were trying to purchase the building,” Ertel said.

Ertel and Horsch wanted to make sure the German delicacies weren’t lost from their small town. Bayern Stube had been in Gibson City for more than three decades.

“So many of my family memories, especially growing up, are here at the Bayern Stube and eating German food,” Horsch said. “So when I heard it was closing, I was really sad to learn that we would be losing that.”

That’s why Horsch and Ertel wanted to pick up the reigns and buy it. But it serves another purpose to them.

“The initial idea came from my desire, as a sixth-generation farmer, to figure out a way to use the gifts that I’ve been given to give back to our community and to other communities,” Horsch said.

The main goal of the restaurant is to bring food from the farm to the table.

“We’re at a time when food is getting a little scarce to find in certain places and surprisingly even here, it can be a little difficult to find the freshest item in the grocery store around here,” Horsch said.

So he found a way to provide fresh food and support local farmers.

“We’re working on sourcing everything as much as we can from Illinois,” Horsch said. “We’re working especially with farms in Paxton, farms around the Champaign-Urbana area and farms up north in Fairbury.”

They are starting off strong.

“My chef said the other day that we are about 70 percent from Illinois, building as much as we can towards 90 and above,” Horsch said.

Horsch Radish is currently accepting reservations only as Horsch, Ertel and staff begin to work their way up to full building capacity. The bar, however, is open to anyone. Their menu can be found online and reservations can be made by calling 217-200-9092.