CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s no secret that electric cars have become more common on the road, and that can present more dangers for first and second responders. That’s why General Motors went to Illinois Fire Service Institute to put together a training class.

The instructors worked with GM engineers to cover everything a first responder would need to know in order to be safe around an electric car in an emergency. Tim Walsh, IFSI Director of Corporate Relations and Community Engagement said it’s important to stay up to date as new technology hits the road.

“There will be more electric vehicles on our roads and first and second responders will be responding to those emergencies both at home and on the street, Walsh said. “So our ability to create awareness in operations training for those first responders along with big companies like GM is very beneficial for us and beneficial to the public.:

The class will be offered to first responders for free across the U.S. To learn how to sign up, you can visit this website.