New escape room combines physics and fun

URBANA — A University of Illinois professor is working to make physics fun with a new escape room. It’s called LabEscape. Paul Kwiat came up with the idea when he went to something similar overseas. He wanted to help make science accessible to people. Some of his students helped make the puzzles last spring. Then they moved into the Lincoln Square Mall last summer. They’ve been letting groups test it out for a few months. He says he likes watching people work.
“There’s a puzzle here where there’s a dog crate people have to get into and when I first came up with the puzzle, I thought there was only one way,” said Kwiat. “We’re up to nine ways to get in, which is really amazing because I thought there was only one. Now I don’t know how many ways there are.”
This room is geared toward middle and high school students on up through adults, so you don’t have to have an intense scientific background to solve the puzzles. You do have to sign up ahead of time. To find out more, click here.

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