MATTOON, Ill. (WCIA) — Kids have a new place to play video games in coles county, the Mattoon YMCA has started a new program for people interested in e-sports.

The new program is an e-sports league, and they’ve got a lounge area set up for kids to play. Kids are able to come in and play different video games against each other on six different screens. The program has only been around for a few months as they continue to grow and figure things out. Kids will come in and learn about life skills while they play.

Mattoon YMCA sports Director Alex Carie said, “One of the big things is teaching them how to act while playing video games. There is a lot of times out there where there are kids out there that abuse it online. Here there is a core teaching curriculum to it within our league”

Another thing about the league is they have the chance to play with other kids from around the country. They hope to help motivate kids and get them out and socialize with others rather than staying home and playing their games. As the league grows they plan to start holding practices and weekend tournaments.