SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — A temporary legislator has been appointed to fill the 87th district’s vacancy for the next week.

Tim Butler, who served as the district’s representative for the area serving Sangamon, Tazwell, Menard and Logan Counties, retired from the General Assembly to become the executive director of the Illinois Railroad Association December 31st. Now, they have a new representative to finish for the last week before the inauguration of new members.

Rep. Jason Huffman (R-Athens), a deputy sheriff in the Menard County chair, was sworn in Monday night to replace Butler for the rest of the session ending Jan. 11.

Huffman previously served as the county chair of Menard County. He told WCIA he’s excited to vote on bills for the short session.

“it’s a short time, but pretty excited about it.” Huffman said. “Could have some issues that come up in the lame duck session bills. I don’t know exactly what yet. [It’s] my first day. So I’m just really getting my feet on the ground.”

When asked if he would try to vote like his predecessor, Huffman said he is approaching the votes with his own ideas.

“I’m going to bring some of my own thoughts to the issues,” Huffman said. “The big one is the assault weapons ban. I’ve heard from several people last couple days about that.”

Huffman is not running for Butler’s full two-year term, as the new redistricting maps do not include Menard County in the 95th district, the district Butler was elected in 2022. The committee to fill the 95th district will meet later this week.