DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Construction crews broke ground on the new Golden Nugget Casino in April.

“Over 300 full time jobs that are going to be added to the economy with also some part-time jobs as well as the revenue that it’s going to bring for our community,” Rickey Williams Jr. said.

It is set to open in April of 2023 and that progress is getting people excited, especially Carl Bridges, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Danville Area Community College.

“We’ve had some discussion around hospitality. It’s an area that of course is important to a casino and so to have the opportunity to offer that as a program and build opportunities for our student’s transition there as a part of the program or to do an internship,” Bridges said.

Bridges says DACC will provide space for training, which will start in January. It will create a new bond between the two facilities that bridges says could bring new opportunities.

“We’re also looking at how we can support them maybe academically with some of the programs that we offer here,” Bridges said.

Mayor of Danville, Rickey Williams Junior is thrilled people will have a new place to enjoy.

“Having another entertainment opportunity is incredible,” Williams said.

He says the new casino will generate around $6,000,000, but will also benefit existing businesses in town, something Bridges says the college also pays close attention to.

“That really guides our efforts in terms of what programs we want to expand upon,” Bridges said.