New Carle pediatric ICU


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Carle Hospital in Urbana is making changes to meet the needs of an increase of sick children. Doctors there say, last year alone, more than a thousand kids were transferred to Carle for a higher level of care.

That’s why they started construction for a new pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) six months ago.

It used to be office space, but now it is going to help them care for a lot more children, and that is especially important right now since we’re in what they call “respiratory season.”

Carle says in December, they had to turn away about 30 kids looking to transfer there for critical care because of the lack of space. They want to start preventing that as much as possible, but there’s also another reason behind it.

Right now, adults and children get treated in the same ICU. Doctors say a whole separate space designed specifically for kids will enhance the care they receive.

“Children in an intensive care unit do need a different type of care, and it’s a little but different than caring for an adult. So, as a result we are actually taking the expertise of our staff, recruiting additional staff in order to bring them to a point where we feel like we’re providing the best care for these children,” says Dr. David Chan from Carle Pediatrics.

Doctors say what will also be easier is the convenient location of the PICU. It is on the same floor as the whole pediatrics department. That means peds doctors won’t have to make trips between floors to get to kids in critical care, and that can be important in emergency situations.

The PICU rooms are much bigger than regular rooms, which allows for more doctors, equipment, and families to comfortably be in there.

The Public Health Department has already approved the PICU. They are set to open in April.

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