SAVOY, Ill. (WCIA) — A $1.2 million project is underway in Savoy and it is expected to wrap up this month.

The city received grant money last year to build a new bike path that will run along First Street between Windsor and Curtis Roads. Anyone who has driven on First Street near the U of I campus may have noticed people or cyclists on the road, and any one of those cyclists may have felt a little unsafe.

“Walking along First Street is absolutely the last thing I would ever consider doing,” said Carol Curtis, who lives near the new path. “It frightens me when I’m driving.”

Curtis is afraid of both these things, but not for much longer.

“Improving the safety along First Street, there has always been a high priority,” said Savoy Village President John Brown.

Brown said a new bike path is being built in partnership with Champaign Township and the University of Illinois.

“The path is on their property and they’ve allowed for the bike path to be built,” he said.

The path is being built thanks to a grant from the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program. The grant paid for the majority of the project.

“I think the university sees the value of having the bike path and how it will make it so much easier for employees and students living in Savoy to get to the university campus,” Brown said.

The path means that people who want to walk to campus, like Curtis, or her neighbor who rides a bike, will have a safe and easy way to do so.

“And it will be safer for drivers who can cause an accident by swerving around or slowing down and somebody not seeing them slowing down, that kind of thing,” Curtis said.

Champaign Township also offered to cover some of the cost if the project costs more than the total grant, but leaders said the project should stay under.