CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Grand Prarie Friends added 60 acres to the Edna Edwards land and water reserve Sunday. The new land is along county road 100 north near county road 1500 east. What looks like a big cornfield now will be turned into a forest and bat preserve over the next few years. It will help protect small brown bats and tri-colored bats which are endangered in the area. Grand Prairie Friends planted more than 20 thousand trees last week. Grand Prarie Friends Executive director Sarah Livesay said the goal is to sustain the land forever.

Livesay said, “We’re always thinking ahead for the next generations. If you come back here in 30 years you will see 20 thousand trees we hope for oaks and hickory hopefully, you’ll see a healthier landscape and healthier soil. We are sequestering more carbon for the environment and the community”

The specific area of this preserve has a very big biological significance for the Embras river. The Edna Edwards land and water reserve is open to the public.