CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Neighbors are speaking out following the arrest of a man in connection to a shooting in Champaign last month.

20-year-old Jazontae Sanders was arrested by Champaign Police and U.S. Marshals on Thursday. He is alleged to have been responsible for that July 5 shooting, which took place near the intersection of West University Avenue and Fair Street.

Albert and Claudia Morr heard about the arrest and said they were relieved, but that they believe there is more work to be done. After all, this was the second shooting to happen in that area within the last year.

But another neighbor, Erika Perez, said they are fed up with the violence and decided to pack up, leave and find a new home.

“We can be concerned as neighbors, we can be concerned as citizens, but it’s not our responsibility nor do we have the power to fix things on our own,” Perez said.

The Perez family has lived near West University and Fair Street for four years. But the violence has the family on edge.

“We have not taken a family walk since, we have not played in the front yard since; my kids are only in the backyard now,” Perez said. “We live life hyperviligently, like Albert said. Any car door that slams, any noise.”

The Morrs initially took their frustrations to City Council when shots first hit their home in February.

“What exactly is taking place, this type of incident happens on our corner, bullet goes through our living room window,” Albert said.

They demanded change when it happened a second time in July.

“We talked to the council again and expressed our concerns, voiced our disappointment and asked them a lot has been made of license plate readers, that type of thing, traffic control,” Albert said.

Despite the recent arrest, Perez and her family have already decided to leave and hope other families will start feeling safe again as police hold criminals accountable.

“There need to be consequences,” Perez said. “This is not a warzone, this is a neighborhood.”

The Morrs said they are sad to see their neighbors go, but are relieved about the most recent arrest.

“It’s great, it’s fantastic,” Albert said.

Albert said he is encouraging city leaders to set up safe zones or cameras to catch criminals and that he will continue to attend City Council meetings to advocate for a safer neighborhood.