Neighbors Near Crash Site of High Speed Chase in Danville concerned after their house was shaken


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)–Crews blocked off the intersection at Route 136 and Buchanan street on Friday. It was the final site of a car chase that started out in Warren County, Indiana.

A sergeant with the Warren County Sheriff’s office said deputies chased the suspect for miles before he crashed in Danville, and it’s a scenario that you normally only see in an action movie.

“We might deal with this once every 5 years, maybe,” Sgt. Greg Gimmett said. “We deal with murder every 15 to 20 years, and this every few years. It’s just hardly something we’re used to dealing with at all.”

The car caught fire shortly after crashing. Police in Danville told WCIA they called both the city’s Fire Department and U of I’s bomb squad to put the fire out, and did two controlled detonations – finding one bomb inside the suspects car.

Albert Reyes lives next door to the church where the crash happened. He said he remembers feeling his house shake after hearing a loud boom, and he was concerned police didn’t immediately evacuate the neighborhood.

He believed the fire could’ve spread to his home, or worse… the bomb could’ve exploded before police could stop it.

“We were kind of scared, because my granddaughter was sleeping on the bed,” Reyes said. “She’s deaf, so she feels things through vibrations. So when i looked outside, i was shocked that all that happened.”

The suspect at the center of this crash was taken to a nearby hospital for his injuries. The Warren County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve got a warrant out for him for arson and trying to flee police.

We asked Danville for updates on how they knew there was a bomb in the suspect’s car today.
They declined to comment.

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