Neighbors concerned after multiple power outages throughout weekend


High power need across the entire state of Texas could lead to power outages if supply cannot meet demand. (Source: MGN Online)

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–Neighbors living near Heritage Drive and Clayton Blvd in Champaign said their power went out through the weekend. Now, they’re trying to find out what happened. According to Ameren, 170 houses went without power multiple times.

This comes after two days where temperatures rose above 90 degrees.

“I was kind of woken up, I believe about 4:30 Friday morning. I wear a C-Pack at night and it wasn’t running,” one neighbor, Linda Boatz said.

Boatz said that made her think something was going on. First, she checked her circuit breaker, but soon realized the power was out for the whole neighborhood once she looked out her window.

“I went ahead and did what we’re supposed to do, call Ameren, and they said there was a power outage that affected 169 homes,” Boatz said.

The power first went out early Friday morning, then again in the late afternoon, and then a third time Saturday morning.

“There’s a lot of senior citizens living in this neighborhood,” another neighbor, Sherre Fruzen said. “If someone had COPD or something like that, this could be a real issue for them.”

Fruzen said she normally keeps her house warm. She wasn’t bothered by the heat, but she works remote for one of her jobs. She said the outages kept her away from her workday.

“If the power goes off, and I can’t work, then I’m not making any money,” Fruzen said. “I don’t have an office I can work at, even if I wanted to… so Illinois Power is costing me money.”

Officials with Ameren haven’t yet confirmed an official cause, but do say they believe it could’ve been caused by a damaged power line.

The power is back on for now… but after a sporadic weekend, neighbors are worried about if the power will shut back off.

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