Neighbors concerned about swine facility relocation


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Some homeowners are concerned about a proposed swine research facility. It could go at the corner of Race Street and Curtis Road. There’s already one near the corner of Curtis Road and First Street.

It’s part of a proposal by Fox/Atkins Development to help with smell concerns. The whole relocation project would cost about $15 million.

Maureen McCord lives just a half-mile down the road from the proposed site. She doesn’t want the pigs coming near her either, but she feels powerless to stop it.

“Odors from swine facilities are particularly awful. And discharge from swine facilities is even worse. It can be lethal to plants, animals, and humans downstream,” said homeowner Maureen McCord.

Fox/Atkins said they’ll also be receiving $7 million in state funding. $11,000 of the project cost will be going to wastewater treatment plans.

The university said they haven’t “secured” the funding to relocate yet. Once they get to that point, they will reach out to stakeholders to talk about location options.

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