Neighbors concerned about speeders near school zone


GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WCIA) — Neighbors living on one street say they’re worried about speeders on one stretch of road. It’s in an area very close to two school zones on East West Street.

That’s why some of these parents are concerned. Some are worried about their kids who walk home from school. Others barely let their kids outside to play.

This section of road is a 25-mile-per-hour zone. It turns into a sharp curve after that. Pine Crest Elementary and Georgetown Ridge Farm schools are both within a half-mile. Some neighbors say drivers go a lot closer to 50 miles per hour most of the time.

“I worry every day that one of them’s gonna get hit. I actually used to, when I moved in and I seen how they drive, I actually used to be afraid someone was gonna come into my front room, like some around that curve wrong,” said neighbor Amanda Miles. Miles says, when she moved in, she was warned by neighbors to not to let her kids play outside.

Some neighbors suggested changes like rumble strips, speed bumps, or more police patrols, but they also say the real responsibility lies with drivers.

“I’m not putting down the police department. I think those guys have got a tough job to do in this town with all the things going on. But once in a while, maybe they need an extra cop to watch once,” said neighbor Jerry Kuyrkendall.

Georgetown police say they’re aware of the speeders, and they do their best to catch them, but they only have about one officer working per shift.

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