Neighbors concerned about “no white guilt” handouts


TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — People woke up to find what they call an unwelcome handout in their yards.

People say the message was confusing, but also concerning. Now, police are on the case.

Tuscola police chief Craig Hastings said he’s been serving the community for about 40 years, and he’s never seen something like this.

In each bag we saw, there was a rock, and a folded up piece of paper leading to what most people we spoke with say were troubling messages.

Police are investigating after people in at least three communities, including Tuscola, found something unusual in their front yards.

As soon as people found these baggies, they knew where they were going next.

“I was putting my niece on the bus,” said Michelle Dellorso, who found a baggy in her yard. “The bus driver says ‘here, you can put it in the trash can.’ and I said ‘oh I think I will, because it’s racist.”

Each baggy we saw had rocks inside. Hastings said he thinks that’s so the bags would land as someone threw them out of a car.

The baggy also had a folded sheet of paper inside saying “no white guilt,” and a list of websites that seem to promote white pride, and claim that white people are victimized.

“Disappointed,” said Dellorso. “Again, this is 2019, and people still feel the need to promote things like this.”

Some neighbors we spoke with say they’re discouraged to see this, while others say this isn’t about entitlement…this is about people being entitled to their own opinion.

“I know people are opinionated, and they have white power, white supremacy, whatever,” said Bruce Tate. “But, I don’t really have a negative feeling against it. People have the right to believe what they want.”

Hastings told us his department has a few of these baggies as evidence, but the only charge that could come out of this is for littering. He told me these bags were also found in Camargo and Hume.

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