Neighbors cleaning up after flooding from severe storm


CISSNA PARK, Ill. (WCIA) – As the rain poured down over the weekend, many people wondered what kind of damage would be caused.

“Well, it was a bit shocking. I really was not prepared. Cissna’s flooded before, like there’s been water standing before, but I’ve never had experienced it until now. With water standing in my basement. So, it was a little shocking,” Claire Wieneke, a new neighbor, said.

Wieneke moved to Cissna Park just 2 weeks ago. She said she had a lot of things on her mind when moving, flooding wasn’t one of them.

“I talked to my landlord this morning, and I was like I was not expecting there to be water in my basement two weeks after I moved in, like it was not even on my radar,” she said.

Luckily, for Wieneke, she said she didn’t have much in her basement. Some clothes and other things that can be replaced.

Sylvia Laubscher has lived in the area for years. She said her home wasn’t damaged, and she’s actually seen it when the flooding has been worse.

“I’m thankful it wasn’t as bad as it was for sure, because I’ve seen it a lot worse,” she said.

Even though it wasn’t as bad as what she and others have seen, the town was still heavily impacted. Many roads heading into town were blocked off because water was completely covering it.

Once in town, several places had inches of standing water, and some people were stuck in their homes, not even able to start cleaning out their water filled basements.

For both Wieneke and Laubsher, seeing the community come together to help was something special.

“The town very much has come together. I’ve never seen people rally so much. I had people pulling into my driveway because they saw me pulling stuff out, and they were like you got everything you good. So, that I think, the town, they know how to watch out for each other,” Wieneke said.

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