MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA)–Nearly 20 eviction notices have gone out in one mobile home community; just months after a new property management company took over. Now one Mahomet mother is at her wit’s end.  

She is very emotional and scared and does not feel comfortable telling her 12-year-old daughter what is going on yet, which is why she will remain anonymous 

“I’ve had to move too many times; my kids have had to move too many times,” said one Mahomet mother. 

After dealing with a slew of health issues and not being able to work she now owes over $1500 dollars in lot fees at her mobile home park. 

 “I can’t work a whole lot of hours; I can’t work enough to support my daughter because of my health,” she said. “I’m sorry that I don’t make that much money; I’m trying.” 

 She has owned a home at Candlewood Estates for three years. When bills started piling up, she worked with the previous property management on a payment plan. But she says when the new management took over, they were not as willing. 

 “She told me if I had half of my 15-hundred-dollar balance then they would work a payment plan out with me,” said the mother. 

 She has even thought about taking out a loan to keep a roof over her daughter’s head. 

“Over the past three years I’ve bought and paid for a house, and I bought and paid for a car,” said the mother. “I’ve accomplished a lot in the last three years.”  

 We reached out to Kodiak Property Management, and they emailed us this statement.  

“Kodiak Property Management is committed to investing in the long-term health of our communities and desires all of our residents to remain within our communities for many years to come. 

We understand that many people face financial hardships for various reasons.  We’ve offered to help these residents and have shared information about community grants and non-profits designed to assist renters to remain in their homes. We have even offered to work with our residents on payment plans to help them catch up on late payments and to stay within the community. We are happy that many residents have already accepted our offer and are now on payment plans to remain in our community. 

Other residents who have remained delinquent on their payments for several months, some going as far back as more than a year without making payments, have chosen not to seek assistance or work with us on a payment plan. As such, pursuant with the laws of Illinois and the community, we have begun filing notices with the legal system. As of today, less than 20 eviction notices have been filed with the courts. We remain willing to work with those residents that now decide to work with us and enter a payment plan so that they may remain in the community.” 

The mother says she reached out to who they recommended and is waiting to hear back.  

We reached out to Charles Drennen, managing attorney for Chicago tenants’ rights law. He says her situation is common. 

 “Very often tenants in this situation like this will find themselves signing over their mobile home because they can’t find a place to take the mobile home to,” said Drennen. “So, the resolution is that they give the mobile home up to the mobile home community up to management, and management rents it to somebody else,”  

 She can’t afford to rent an apartment elsewhere and even if she could, Drennen says there is now an eviction on her record. 

“A lot of landlords will see that and not rent to a tenant even if they haven’t lost the case,” said Drennen. 

 Now she is worried that with the winter months ahead she and her 12-year-old will have nowhere to go. 

“I to want more time to pay off the money that I owe, I love my neighbors,” said the mother. 

We reached out to the Village of Mahomet, who said there are no other approved mobile home areas in the village. So even if she could move, it would be out of the area, meaning she would have to uproot her child from school too.