DENVER (KDVR) — New video shows a group of people getting into a fight in the middle of a Denver airport train on Friday.

Denver International Airport called the fight “minor,” but the video shows fists flying as many try to get out of the way.

Passenger Audrey Giger told Nexstar’s KDVR that the train was traveling from the main airport terminal when two people, who seemed drunk, began to instigate a fight.

Giger told KDVR that she was extremely worried, because there was a baby close to the violence.

“That’s really where I lost my cool,” Giger said.

When the train pulled into Concourse A, Giger said the fight had ended and everyone got off to go their separate ways.

“I can say, for a fact, that the Denver Police, or whoever was here — they did respond really quickly. By the time I had made it up the escalators to ask for help, they already had officers heading down that way.”

Police said no one was hurt and no charges were filed.