(WXIN/NEXSTAR) – The powers that be at Taco Bell have chosen one city — and one city only — as the testing ground for a new chicken item.

Customers in Minneapolis are the first (and currently only) in the nation with the option to order Taco Bell’s new Crispy Chicken Nuggets, according to a menu update shared by Taco Bell last week.

The white-meat nuggets, which are marinated in jalapeno-spiced buttermilk before being breaded and fried, are served with a choice of two sauces: a signature “Bell sauce” for dipping (made with tomato, red chili, onion and garlic) or a jalapeno-flavored honey mustard.

Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Nuggets
Don’t get your hopes up, everybody: Taco Bell’s new nuggets are only available in Minneapolis at the moment. (Taco Bell)

Orders come in two sizes: five pieces (with one sauce) for between $3.99 and $4.99, or 10 pieces (with both sauces) for between $6.99 and $7.99. (Prices vary between locations, according to Taco Bell).

A representative for Taco Bell was not immediately available to confirm which specific restaurants in the Minneapolis area were offering the nuggets; however, plenty of Taco Bell customers appeared to be able to find them, judging by X, the platform formerly called Twitter.

Amateur reviews on social media appear largely positive, even despite some confusion over the item’s place on Taco Bell’s menu.

“I don’t know why Taco Bell is doing chicken nuggets, but they’re really good,” one user wrote.

Taco Bell Cheesy Street Chalupas
Taco Bell’s Cheesy Street Chalupas are available in Indianapolis only, at least for now. (Taco Bell)

In addition to its nuggets, Taco Bell debuted another all-new item this month — Cheesy Street Chalupas — albeit at restaurants in Indianapolis.

The item, described as a “savory street-inspired snack,” looks somewhat like to the chain’s former Quesalupa. Each order comes with two Cheesy Street Chalupas, both made with mozzarella- and pepperjack-stuffed shells that are then filled with a choice of steak or chicken. The chalupa are then topped with diced onions and cilantro.

The dish sells for between $5.49 and $5.99 depending on location, according to Taco Bell.

Taco Bell did not say when, if at all, either of the new items would be available outside of their respective test markets.