(KTLA) – Police pursued a motorcyclist traveling recklessly on the wrong side of the freeway in Los Angeles on Friday night.

The motorcyclist, whom police initially tried to pull over for running a red light, began traveling at high speeds in the wrong direction on the 134 Freeway in Glendale before exiting on Hollywood Way. Authorities later said they believed the motorcycle, or motorbike, may have been stolen.

During the chase, the biker was seen performing stunts, like popping wheelies and standing on the seat, while patrol cars trailed closely behind, footage captured by KTLA shows.

The suspect continued erratically, running red lights and driving on sidewalks, the video shows.

Police followed the suspect to the Universal Studios area before a group of other motorcyclists suddenly joined in, surrounding the biker.

The suspect stopped at a gas station to refuel before continuing the ride, eventually entering a parking lot in West Hollywood and stopping to speak to the garage attendant.

Multiple agencies, including police departments within Los Angeles County and the California Highway Patrol, were believed to be following the suspect, at least at different parts of the pursuit, before backing off or losing sight of the biker.

The investigation remains ongoing. A representative for the California Highway Patrol was not immediately available to confirm whether the suspect had been identified, or if the motorcyclist was arrested.