(KXAN) — In freezing cold conditions like millions of Americans are experiencing this week, there’s a risk of your home’s water pipes freezing. And if that happens, there’s a risk of them bursting.

Frozen pipes keep plumbers and firefighters busy every year.

One homeowner in Dripping Springs, Texas, said he prepped his pipes the same way he did during the state’s 2021 winter storm. While he didn’t have any issues last year, he did this week.

Crews with Central Texas’ Radiant Plumbing said they frequently ran into situations Thursday and Friday where homemade faucet covers weren’t enough.

“It does help in cold temperatures, but if it stays below freezing for a long time, it’s not gonna do as much as some people may think,” said Gunner Brown with Radiant.

If you’re leaving home for the weekend, plumbers recommend double-checking your outdoor faucet covers.

When it comes to your inside faucets, experts recommend dripping one with hot water and one in another sink with cold water.

If your pipes do freeze, Austin Water has tips for homeowners: Turn on any faucets that do work, fully open the cold-water faucet closest to the frozen pipe, and wrap pipes with warm-water soaked towels.