LINCOLN, Ill. (WCIA) – The day before a vote is scheduled to take place on a proposed Wind Farm in Logan County, WCIA received a statement from the National Weather Service on the issue.

An initial statement was made clarifying questions WCIA had on how the wind turbines may or may not impact the National Weather Service Radar in Lincoln.

Statement from the National Weather Service Office of Public Affairs in Silver Spring, Maryland On the Top Hat Wind Farm Project in Lincoln, Illinois:

“On June 24, 2022, the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Lincoln, Illinois, signed an agreement with Top Hat Wind Energy LLC to mitigate data contamination by wind turbines during severe weather, such as tornadoes, thunderstorms and flash floods. Under the agreement, Top Hat will reduce wind turbines to one revolution per minute or less within 15 minutes of notification of severe weather by the NWS office. This action will allow weather forecasters to view radar data uncontaminated by wind turbine clutter. The binding agreement remains in effect for the life of the project. Our role is not to approve or disapprove wind farm projects in the United States. Instead, we advise developers at early planning stages on strategic placement and mitigation to minimize impacts to radar data.”

Susan Buchanan, Director of Public Affairs, National Weather Service; Silver Spring, MD.

WCIA then followed up with questions on the agreement that was signed between Top Hat Wind Energy LLC and the National Weather Service Office in Lincoln.

“The agreement requires Top Hat to meet with NWS annual to review and provide a written summary of lessons learned, successes and failures of curtailment over the previous year and agree to any necessary modifications. We will track this closely and ensure that any problems we encounter are corrected. Both parties agreed to adhere to the obligations of this binding, legal agreement, and we expect it to be executed as designed.”

Susan Buchanan, Director of Public Affairs, National Weather Service; Silver Spring, MD..

WCIA is working to get a copy of the curtailment agreement discussed in the statement.

Logan County Board President Emily Davenport told WCIA Tuesday afternoon that she expects the Board to vote on the proposal at the meeting scheduled for Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m.