National Siblings Day: The Meyers


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The pandemic forced separation between many healthcare workers and their families. Luckily, these siblings had each other.

Three out of five of the Meyers kids work at Carle in Urbana.

Autumn, Ami, Austin, and Amber are quadruplets. Cody is their older brother.

Right now, Ami, Autumn, and Cody work at Carle. Austin works in the medical field in the Navy.
Amber will join her siblings at Carle after her graduation in May.

They say there’s often competition between them, but that this competition motivates them to better themselves… and they’re thankful to always have one and other to lean on when times get tough.

Ami Meyer said, “I trust Cody’s opinion. He’s been a nurse a little bit longer than I have, so if I have a really hard day at work or just need to vent or talk about my emotions, I know that I can go to him and my other siblings and they’re always gonna be there for me and it’s nice that we always have one and other.”

Ami also said she believes that growing up with her siblings made her a better nurse. She said she is more patient now because she always had to share everything with her brothers and sisters, including cars and cell phones in high school.

Soon four out of five of the Meyers siblings will work at Carle, with Austin overseas with the Navy.

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