Music store closing after decades in business


Music store closing

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– For decades Linda Brandon has been helping others perfect their tunes. “In fact I started teaching at 14 so it’s just been my life,” said Brandon of Linda’s Music Center. She started her music business in 1963. “And I sold guitars out of my house and everything,” said Brandon, “Teaching music lessons. At that time I was probably teaching 60 a week, a lot of students.”

Now that business has grown to this store where Hugh Reeves is store manager. “A lot of our long term customers have a very deep emotional attachment to it. They’re not only customers but they’re also friends,” said Reeves. Now Brandon says it’s time for her to turn a new page. She’s closing the store.

“I’m old, and I would like to have more freedom,” said Brandon. Among other reasons, “The internet is killing retail,” said Brandon, “Because of the internet sales. It has hurt us. “I’ve had text messages and calls from people as far away as Florida who have caught wind of it,” said Reeves, “There’s guys my age and there are guys in their teens that come in here when they have a question about a piece of music gear or what we think about something. That day to day interaction with them for our part unfortuantely is going to be gone when we close.”

She’s hoping to close up by the end of February. “It’s a bitter sweet thing. Don’t get me started,” said Brandon. However, Brandon says it’s time, and she’s looking forward to enjoying some new rhythms in life.

Linda’s Music Center has several guitars marked down. They’re hoping people will come out and support before they close.

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