Murder suspect arraignment delayed


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Darryl Vandyke is accused of killing a Champaign teenager.

Two bicyclists found Steven Butler’s body on Firday in a ditch in Urbana. His father reported him missing the night before.

The case was supposed to move forward Monday, but instead it was postponed.

Vandyke was supposed to hear his charges today and get his next court date, but when he should have answered the judge, the courtroom was instead filled with silence.

Vandyke is being charged with 3 counts of 1st degree murder. Monday, the judge explained one of those counts to him.

It accused Vandyke of hitting the 14-year-old repeatedly with an axe or edged tool.

When he asked Vandyke if he understood, there was no answer. A few more questions from the judge, and still no answer.

The only answer we heard was Vandyke agreeing to have a lawyer to help him.

That fell on the public defender in the court room. The judge gave them 24 hours to talk to Vandyke about his case. Ultimately, delaying the arraignment.

The Champaign County States’ attorney, Julia Rietz, said it’s important everything is done correctly. Especially, in a significant case like this.

” I would rather we take the time and that all the issues be brought to light before we move forward,” Rietz said. “Mr. Vandyke was acting in a fashion, I believe, that led Judge Dill to have concerns about his mental state and so he appointed the public defender.”

His arraignment is now set for Tuesday at 1:30. Rietz said a few things could happen then. If the public defender thinks Vandyke is unfit to cooperate, they could file a motion for a mental health evaluation. They would then have to wait for those results.

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