MTD unveils new buses


URBANA Ill. (WCIA)– MTD unveiled their brand new hydrogen-powered buses.

Karl Gnat said, “This isn’t quite Star Trek-level technology, but it’s on the path to be Star Trek-level technology.”

People from around the country came together to celebrate the achievement.

“This is an exciting day not only for Champaign-Urbana and the the state of Illinois, if not for the nation,” said Senator Dick Durbin (D). The catch is, these buses run on hydrogen and only emit water.

“To us, this is man on the moon stuff for our industry,” said Paul Soubry, President/CEO- American Public Transportation Association.

What is even more impressive is the hydrogen is made by solar-powered panels.

Gnat said, “These buses literally will never run on fossil fuels. They will never create any emissions that are harmful to the environment.”

The technology that makes these buses run is very different than other buses, but they say the experience is the same, if not better.

“Most transit systems utilize battery technology, and battery electric buses do not have the range that is equivalent to what a diesel bus has,” said Gnat.

Gnat said these buses will be able to run all day after fueling up once in the morning.

“We want to have our routes and schedules respond to what our community needs, not what our vehicles need,” said Gnat.

U of I student Andre Taylor said, “I ride the bus literally every day; going from one side of campus to the other side of campus.” Taylor said he is excited to see the technology in action.

“I think the way the world is going right now, we need to replace the bad things that come out of the buses on a daily basis,” said Taylor.

And another perk of these hydrogen-powered buses, they are completely silent.

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