MOUNT ZION, Ill. (WCIA) — Authorities are continuing to investigate a mysterious gun box that caused school to be cancelled in one Central Illinois town on Monday.

Mount Zion Police said there was no threat to Mount Zion Junior High or Senior High Schools, but the box definitely caused a lot of confusion and questions. They were able to track down the gun’s history by referencing the serial number found in the box. Police said the gun’s original owner bought it 2016, then sold the gun to a pawnshop in 2017, keeping the box and lock.

Administrators found the box in the band room on Monday, and canceled class during the investigation. Mount Zion Police Chief Adam Skundberg said police were rushing to find where the gun could be. However, the process is not that simple.

“Those kinds of things take a while,” Skundberg said. “There’s no actual database in Illinois or the federal government for serial numbers for firearms, but it’s a matter of contacting the manufacturer, contacting the retailer and the dealer.”

Skundberg said there is an Illinois database for stolen guns, but since the gun was bought legally, authorities had to keep looking for the gun’s original owner.

As for why the box was there in the first place, police said there were a lot of people in the high school for a band function over the weekend. Somebody affiliated with the school had simply left it after using it to carry something.