MT. ZION, Ill. (WCIA) – Drew Petitt is about to be a senior in high school. Ever since he can remember, he’s been volunteering

“Right now, I’m currently involved in my schools SADD, Medics, Young Leaders in Action, I’m involved in Student Council and key club, and I also currently am a barista at Starbucks,” Petitt said.

It’s a long list of accolades for someone who is starting his senior year of high school.

“It actually started back in grade school. So, my grade school principal, she was very nice. She encouraged me to go apply for volunteer opportunities for the Children’s Museum of Illinois and Mt. Zion public library. So, she told me all about it and it sounded like a really good opportunity. And I was super surprised with how much I learned,” he said.

As soon as he could, it seems Petitt has been giving back to his community. Whether that’s helping other students, volunteering with different groups, or learning a new life skill.

“I’ve always loved giving back and I’ve always loved giving back to my community and I love seeing other people do it. And seeing that really gets me motivated,” he said.

He said it’s never too late, or early to start.

“Starting out at that younger age will help get you ready for other opportunities ahead,” he said.

It’s clear to see he’s a Kid to Know in Our Town Mt. Zion

“Have a fantastic day on purpose. I absolutely love living by that and I love I think about that all the time, every day. Having that smile on your face or going to meet someone new and you know, think having a fantastic day on purpose,” he said.