URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — One woman is turning to the community for help after a tragedy in her church. A mother to 11 died after giving birth to her last child in Urbana.

The goal is $30,000 and so far, they’re more than halfway there, but the organizer said the family needs more than the money. It started with a text message. Philip Gray was asking members of his church for prayer requests. His wife, Crystal, was back in the hospital after giving birth to their 11th child. What followed was news that devasted the members of Faith Church.

Crystal Gray

“And then later on in afternoon we found out that she had passed away on her way to a larger hospital in Chicago,” said organizer Jennifer Durst.

And within hours church members started looking for ways to help. Durst knew exactly what the family needed: a GoFundMe. A year ago, when her own husband unexpectedly passed away, it was the church that rallied behind her.

“Somebody reached out to me and said, ‘Can I do this GoFundMe for you?’ and it helped out immensely with all the unexpected expenses that you have and that was something that I wanted to get going for them right away,” said Durst.

The Gray Family

Durst posted the GoFundMe just hours after hearing the news and in less than a day it received over 200 donations, totaling in over $20,000. Even with knowing how generous the community can be, Durst said the level of support has been overwhelming.

“I woke up this morning and I checked it and I– I was hoping that we would get 10-thousand so the amount that we got… It’s just amazing,” said Durst.

But this family needs more than money. Durst said the Gray family was tight-knit and homeschooled. And now, they’re a family with a newborn. But Durst is confident that with the continued help from the community, the Gray family will be able to make it through.

The Gray Family

“We’ll just keep working and helping them in any way we can,” said Durst.

The church will be accepting donations for the family at their activity center. With the youngest child being five days old, formula and diapers are the most needed.

GoFundMe: Philip Gray and Family (Crystal Gray)