More than 400 people sign a petition given to Urbana City Council


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Urgent! Stopping gun violence in the city of Urbana. That’s the title of a petition that was brought to Urbana’s City Council Monday night.

“I’m looking at all of these different programs. All these great people, good people around here doing things and organizations, but they’re not working. People are still getting shot and killed,” Linda Turnbull, an Urbana resident said.

Turnbull lives in an area that’s seen some violent crime. She brought the petition to city council on Monday. She said people living in these neighborhoods won’t talk to police because they’re scared.

“People are afraid. They’re not talking. Cameras are not afraid,” she said.

The petition requests the installation of CCTV cameras and other things to help. Like increased lighting, clear lines of sight and security personnel to manage the cameras.

Turnbull said it’s time for the community to step up and help make a change.

“It takes a village to come up with ideas on how to make this happen and make it work, but we can’t be close-minded. If something’s not working, do something different,” she said.

Turnbull said the way to help keep the community safe is to find whoever is committing the crimes and get them off the street, but that can’t happen if no one wants to help police.

“The police is not getting any support. They’re not getting any help. People are not helping them. They can’t solve anything if people don’t help them. The cameras can help them,” she said.

Turnbull said the next steps for her would be to research what other places are doing and decide what’s best for Urbana. She said the Mayor and city council will have to come up with a plan and she said starting to raise money for expenses.

Urbana is not the only one seeing these issues and community members looking for a change. Champaign city council just heard from community members asking for help. People who live in Garden Hills are asking for more street lights to help with violence and crime in their neighborhoods.

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