CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Ill. (WCIA)–Restaurants aren’t the only businesses struggling to hire workers as pandemic restrictions are progressively lifted.

“We’ve had an ad out on our marquee and some job procurement sites, we just haven’t had any applications yet,” Dan Walker, one of the sales managers at Flooring America, said.

He said they’ve been looking to hire another warehouse worker for several weeks. It would help them make up for an increase in people making home improvements.

“Our current warehouse manager is a little overworked, we’ve been trying to lessen his load,” Walker said. “We’re very blessed that business is strong right now, so we need to add more people and get our work done in a timely manner.”

Van Tripp, who manages speed lube in Urbana, said they were dealing with hiring issues even before the pandemic started.

“If I do get someone in here, then they don’t wanna work,” Tripp said. “They get one paycheck and then they leave,”

For Tripp, COVID-19 has made the issue even worse. Now he says many people are more comfortable getting unemployment checks and staying at home rather than working.

The federal government is giving another $300 dollars on top of what the state provides. Tripp said he understands why people are choosing to stay home, but added it leaves him and his employees working well beyond their normal hours.

“They don’t want to work 60 hours a week,” Tripp said. “And you can’t blame them. They all get paid time and a half, and get taken care of with their wages and everything, it’s just that we’re having a hard time filling that spot right now.”

Both Tripp and Walker said they believe unemployment benefits, which can roughly match what many stores are currently paying employees, is the largest thing keeping people from wanting to work.

Those benefits end September 4th.