MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Mike Westjohn has been trapshooting for most of his life. Now, he’s being awarded for it with an induction into the Illinois trapshooting association hall of fame.

Westjohn got his start in the sport at 13 after a scout master invited him to shoot.

“Mom let me have some of my lawnmower money to buy some targets and some shells. And he gave me his old Browning humpback 12-guage and I went out and shot at 12 targets. I broke about a seven I think with trapshooting shells and loved it ever since,” Westjohn shared.

Westjohn added that it wasn’t just talent that got him to the hall of fame, it was the countless hours of practicing and perfecting his skill. He’s hit more than half a million targets.

“And in shooting, it’s only one target at a time. If you start thinking about score or anything else and this works for any sport. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, or anything. You start getting to point where you want the end, then the middle folds on you,” he continued.

The hall of famer says as long as he continues to have the support of his wife, Debbie, and a little bit of fire he’ll stick with the sport as long as he can.

Westjohn isn’t ready to call it a career just yet either.

He’ll be traveling to Michigan next week to participate in the Michigan State trapshoot.