MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — A Monticello organization hit another milestone in its efforts to help domestic violence victims. Willow Tree Mission has opened its new resale shop.

All of the money made at the store goes back into their mission of helping victims become independent.

“I’m so I’m so proud of what they’ve done,” said Suzanne Wells, Founding Board Member. “They have taken the vision that we hoped for.”

Willow Tree Missions is now the sole source of help for domestic violence victims in Piatt County, and now they have a new resale store to support them.

“There is hope through prevention and services to help folks protect their kids and protect the young adults,” said Jill Maxey, Willow Tree Missions Executive Director.

Like the assistance they give, the shop is a community effort.

“It’s just hard to see how it could be even better,” Wells said. “I know that they’re working to do more services for people. And the successful store helps them fund that.”

Donations helped pay for the store and keep the racks full. Volunteers spent their time turning the empty building into a source of continued support.

“This is a pretty unique venture,” Wells said. “They’re a do-it-yourself group.”

Wells started the organization in Cisco in 2007. She said they were selling items for as low as they could just to get something. So, seeing what it has become is much more than she envisioned.

“It has become a resource for just a million levels of good in our community. And it takes a lot of work to do that, and we all benefit from it,” Wells said. “So, I congratulate you for everything that you’re doing for the community.”

Once they’re finished remodeling the building, it will serve as housing for domestic violence victims. It’s expected to be done next year and families will be able to stay for up to two years.