Money and candy stolen from youth league


HOOPESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — The Hoopeston Hornets youth football league was robbed and whoever did it also tampered with the security footage that could have been used to catch them.

This is a frustrating case for parents. The league’s club house was broken into sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

This isn’t the first time somebody has tried to break in. The league president says on Sunday night someone tried to pry the lock open on the clubhouse door.

League President Traci Kohl says, “These kids deserve better. So for someone to come in and take anything from them is extremely infuriating for me.”

Even after replacing the lock and installing security cameras, that didn’t stop the criminal. Kohl says, “Apparently that wasn’t going to deter anyone because on Wednesday we came in and when I walked in and put my key in the door I didn’t even have to turn it. It just pulled right open.”

She went in to see the place had been ransacked. Kohl says, “There was candy on the floor and I knew I had cleaned up the night before so something was amiss.”

Whoever broke in stole boxes of candy they used for fundraising and took $40 out of $75 they had stashed away under the concession stand. The thief also went upstairs and got rid of the evidence. Kohl says, “We wanted to look and see what we could find on the cameras but the hard drive was missing. We can’t even find out who did it.”

The league did report this to the police. Even thought it’s petty cash and candy, it’s a massive disappointment for parents of kids who work hard to raise money to be on the team.

Parent Sandy Zarate says, “It’s pretty sad if you have to steal from a kid’s organization, things they use, and money they raise. It’s not right.”

Hoopeston Police are still investigating to find out who did this.

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