Moderna announces COVID-19 vaccine


NATIONAL (WCIA) — Last week, Pfizer said its vaccine was 90 percent effective. Now, a second vaccine was announced, this time from Moderna.

Results show a 94.5% effectiveness rate. There were no reports of serious side effects.

While Pfizer’s version requires ultra-cold temperature storage, Moderna’s can be moved and stored in standard freezers and refrigerators. That will simplify distribution.

“We believe our vaccine is going to be able to distribute in existing infrastructure,” said Moderna President Dr. Stephen Hoge. “We hope that means that the vaccine is going to be made available in a bunch of places like local doctor’s offices, that is going to be where people need it most.”

Moderna expects to request emergency-use-authorization from the FDA within a few weeks. The company said it will have 20 million doses ready for use in the U.S. by the end of the year and another 40 or 50 million per month in 2021.

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